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Sparta Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in Sparta - Greece in 1987. Ever since, it has offered many moments of enjoyment, taste and health all around the world to its consumers.
Our Sparta range has been enriched with various complementary products of unique quality and taste, all based on the Mediterranean diet and its positive attributes to human health.
Consumption of these healthy products, which contain Greek herbs and bulbous plants, is recommended for all types of diet.
Foodies around the world can now enjoy the entire Sparta range!

Greece is the homeland of a vast array of herbs and bulbous plants, with high nutritional value. Depending on the species, they can also be toning, anti-inflammatory, calming etc.
Sparta Aroma is a natural product which captures the flavour and the smell of the Greek land. The virgin olive oil stems from well-chosen olive groves of Peloponnese. Sparta Aromatic Olive oil contains only natural edible herbs with high nutritional value including sun-dried tomato, garlic, oregano, rosemary and hibiscus, while it is packaged in 500ml glass containers. All these elements compose a unique appearance and taste. The awarded Sparta Aroma is ideal for raw utilization in both salads and seafood, but also for the preparation of bakery products highlighting your recipes.


Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight. Remove herbs when taste reaches desired intensity.


Ideal for salads / ideal for pizzas / pasta / risotto / as a dip.


itqi superior taste award 1 star 125

Health benefits of herbs

The characteristic that makes the Mediterranean diet so healthy and, the same time, so tasty is the fact that only the best natural ingredients are used. Flavours and aroma are essential to achieve success in each dish. This can be achieved without the use of unhealthy sauces and taste enhancers that load food with empty calories.
So, what is the secret in order to get a delicious yet healthy meal? Herbs and condiments coming from Greek nature.
Here are only some benefits of each herb or plant found in Sparta Aroma:
-Lycopene, which has cancer preventing attributes thanks to the sun-dried tomato,
-Vitamin B6, lower blood pressure, detoxification of the body from heavy metals thanks to the garlic
-Antioxidant, cancer fighting, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects thanks to the oregano
-Antioxidant, memory enhancing, digestion improving and neurological protection attributes thanks to the rosemary
-Blood pressure and cholesterol level maintenance, thanks to the hibiscus
And the most important fact: when you use herbs, you can decrease significantly your salt intake, because they taste great!

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