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Sparta Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in Sparta - Greece in 1987. Ever since, it has offered many moments of enjoyment, taste and health all around the world to its consumers.

During the last three decades, this unique product has been produced in the traditional way, with hand picked olives, under the cold extraction method, which protects its health attributes. It comes from the most fertile olive groves of South Peloponnese, where the altitude and the soil diversity offer this premium olive oil a very fruity and peppery taste.
Today, it is bottled under strict control specifications, which guarantee its quality to the very last drop.
Enjoy this timeless super food!
Foodies around the world can now enjoy the entire Sparta range!



With great pride, we present you our new extra virgin olive oil with a summer breeze! Directly from the Greek islands you will feel the freshness of the Greek sea and the special taste and aroma of the coastal olive groves.
Hellenic Fine Oils has been island hopping in order to offer you the best of every island in a special blend!
In 2020, it was awarded with a medal at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.
Available in 750ml glass bottle



The cultivation method is based on sustainable practices of treatment and production, which ensure a pure raw material, without the presence of pesticides.
The raw material, which is cold extracted, comes from Koroneiki olives. The meticulous cultivation of the olive trees and the crushing of the olives under ideal conditions result in an excellent olive oil, both organoleptically and chemically.
Certified by DIO according to EU standards.
Available in 500ml (16.907 fl oz) glass bottle.


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Store at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight.  The oil may become cloudy below 7°C, but it will become clear again at room temperature. This does not affect product quality.


Best enjoyed raw / ideal for salads / dipping with bread / cooked vegetables / on fish & meat.



Benefits of glass packaging

When nature offers something so pure and precious such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the blessed Greek land, it needs to be cherished and preserved in the most suitable and healthy packaging. Glass protects not only the quality and taste of Sparta Olive oil, but also your health too! It has been proven that glass leaves the oil and your body untouched. It is one of the safest packaging materials for human use and safe for the environment as well.
The transparency of our glass bottles magnifies the beauty of this naturally deep green colored liquid gold.

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