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Sparta Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high quality product. Its characteristics include low acidity, low peroxide value and, at the same time, all legislative requirements are met regarding chemical parameters, according to every country’s specifications for olive oil imports.

Apart from the above, it has an exquisite balanced taste that is a natural partner to most dishes. It is fruity enough to taste on its own or on plain bread as an appetizer, yet it is harmonious enough to complement most types of dishes.

Fruitiness, pungency and bitterness are the main positive organoleptic attributes to look for in an extra virgin olive oil.

Sparta combines the best selection of oils from Greece’s most renowned varieties. All three taste factors are critical to giving consumers that enjoy Sparta all around the world the same profile from season to season. This combination usually includes Koroneiki and Manaki varieties, which have intense notes of fruitiness with an almond hint and a peppery finish. It is characterized by a much wanted harmony between pungency and bitterness, making it easy to combine with any type of food. It also has a grassy (freshly cut olives) aroma and velvety rich texture, typical of Greek olive oil. Last but not least, it is a delight just seeing its deep green color.

This oil is ideal for everyday use: sautéing, roasting,baking and of course on fresh salads.

More specifically, you can enjoy Sparta with the following types of food:



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